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"Far and away the highlight of the evening was Tami Stronach Dance's Around the Bend... A dance theater piece, and a fun one... providing a quick, immediate reminder of just how different one human is from another." 

DanceNet Interview 2009

El Tiempo Interview 2009

 "Stronach is a choreographic doctor of the human condition, who knows what she is saying and who is worth following. Her medicine is potent."..."We are privileged to experience some of the best performances, by some of the best performers that downtown modern dance has to offer."

The Dance Insider, Philip Sandstrom, 2005

"The inside of Tami Stronach's head must be an interesting place to visit. Ideas, images, styles must be constantly waltzing around, changing partners, flying apart, and re-cementing themselves oddly. An entrancing work."

Village Voice, Deborah Jowitt, 2005

"Voluptuously writhing dances... Both works were genuinely witty...They certainly gave evidence of her choreographic intelligence."

NY Times, by Jack Anderson, 2005

"Stronach constructs her kookily elegant and imaginative piece with weighted, slightly gawky, never ordinary movement."

Village Voice, Deborah Jowitt, 2003

"Clouds of downy white billow around the elegant slapstick of Tami Stronach's "Contain Yourself, Darling." ...Graceful, sweeping movements kick dramatic flurries into the air, and the commingling of bodies, breezes and Brownian motion is breathtaking.", Joshua Tanzer, 2003

"Stronach's dances are full of direct, expressive dancing highlighted by the performance of Stronach herself. Her choreography is carried by each of her dancers' personalities and brims with communication. A combination of acting and movement invention that is immediately inclusive, always reaching beyond the fourth wall. Stronach's craft is always assured."

Dance Insider, Chris Dose, 2001